Good day everyone! Yesterday we sent to review a brand-new update packed with some awesome new features!

First of all, we’ve updated some Actions and now have some more properties to play with. We’ve added a new Character property called “face camera direction” (more on this later).

We’ve also changed the coordinate system where all our UI elements from screen space overlay to screen space canvas. Don’t worry about the camera though, as Game Creator automatically handles which one is the main one.

And on top of that we’ve added a new Camera Motor for First Person games. This motor has a bunch of options, including setting the mouse sensitivity, a damping range to increase realism and a constrained pitch rotation to limit the highest and lowest points the player can look at (you might not want your player to look at his feet, perhaps?)

We recommend toggling the face camera direction property of the Player object when using the First Person motor.

As always, a full list of the changes can be found in the changelog of the asset.


Notice that Game Creator is still in Beta but to balance things we’ve launched it 60% of its original price. Grab it now and receive future updates for free!

Download Game Creator

Martí-Joan Nogué Coll

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