Good morning everyone! Did you already grab a cup of coffee? Yeah? Well, let’s get ready for the Big news!

We’re launching our own Store for Game Creator! Yeah, that’s right. Well, not quite right. We’ll be sticking with Unity Asset Store when selling the Core but we’ll be distributing all of our free modules through our own store.

But, but… Why?

For you. And for us. Pushing modules into the Unity Asset Store requires preparing a set of promotional images, videos and texts that are very time consuming. It’s great to have those when shipping a big package, such as Game Creator, but not that much when all we want to publish is a simple module.

By doing so, all you have to is go to the Game Creator Store, search the module you want to get and hit Download. That’s all! No registration required.

Of course we’ll be also pushing some big modules into the Asset Store, such as the upcoming Inventory for Game Creator.

We hope you like this idea! Don’t hesitate to give us feedback or suggest any feature! We’re wide open to suggestions that improve the game development pipeline.


Notice that Game Creator is still in Beta but to balance things we’ve launched it 60% of its original price. Grab it now and receive future updates for free!

Download Game Creator

Martí-Joan Nogué Coll

Martí-Joan Nogué Coll - Unity Toolsmith

When he has a chance, Martí enjoys getting away with his CBF-250. He's also a fantasy bookworm.