Happy New Year! It’s been a while since we posted a blog post. We want to take this opportunity to talk about the roadmap for the upcoming months.

At the end of this week we’ll be pushing Game Creator 0.2.8, which will end the 0.2.x cycle. This means there will be a slight increase of the main package price. So, if you’re thinking about grabbing Game Creator, now it’s the time!

On the other hand, during the beginning-mid Februrary we’ll be launching the new Dialogue module, which will allow to display conversations between multiple characters like in The Witcher 3 or any of the Tell Tale games.

We’ll give further information soon, but some of the main features are:

  • Timed choices
  • Execute Actions during conversations
  • Voiceover capabilities
  • Skins to customize how the conversation looks

That’s all for the moment!

Cheers and happy game making!

Notice that Game Creator is still in Beta but to balance things we’ve launched it 60% of its original price. Grab it now and receive future updates for free!

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Martí-Joan Nogué Coll

Martí-Joan Nogué Coll - Unity Toolsmith

When he has a chance, Martí enjoys getting away with his CBF-250. He's also a fantasy bookworm.